Friday’s Food For Thought

Happy Friday, y’all! Spring break is upon me, so I’m letting loose and finally writing in the blog! Sorry about the hiatus, folks.

Anyway, as I lounge lazily on the couch in the car dealership waiting for service, I thought I’d share some great “food for thought” resources/articles I’ve recently come upon:

1. “7 Foods You Should Never Eat” – scary title, but interesting and though-provoking article!

2. “Looking Ahead: Ingredient Trends 2012” – short and sweet (~20 mins) webinar about new trends in restaurants, consumers’ minds, and the general food system.

3. Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food – the USDA just launched this fantastic initiative which offers “a digital narrative with stories, pictures and video about USDA’s support for local and regional food systems, and interactive map with datasets displaying the various ways and places where the initiative has made an impact” (quoted from the USDA’s blog). This is a step in the right direction!!

Check these out and let me know what you think. 
I’ll be back soon (promise) to talk about some great companies I’ve recently found, and update you on some yummy food I’ve been putting in the belly 🙂 


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