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You’ve probably heard of Meatless Mondays, the nationwide (and arguably, worldwide) effort to not eat meat one day of the week and to eat less meat overall. I applaud this effort and think it’s a step in the right direction to become more aware of our food choices and how they affect our bodies, our environment, and our animal friends. In honor of MM, here are a few great articles circulating in the media these days, with some differing viewpoints. (I’m not all about being veggie!):

Why Eating some Meat may be better for the Environment than going Vegetarian

We’re Eating Less Meat. Why?

Meat Eater’s Guide

Meatless in the Midwest: A Tale of Survival

And just for the hell of it…a succinct article (by the great Marion Nestle) defining organic, sustainable, seasonal and local. And why ethanol isn’t good:

Defining Organic: The Difference Between Sustainable and Local

Happy Reading! And Happy Meatless Monday!


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