The Life of a Grad Student

Graduate school is much different than those (typically) 4 years you spend as a naive co-ed entering the “real world.” For me, the changes in scenery are already quite clear: moving from a large, urban university in midtown Detroit as a commuter, to a small, liberal arts college in pleasant Pittsburgh as a commuter. Oh wait, that driving to campus thing is still the same…

While the readings have become excessive (yet interesting) and the tranquility of campus has vastly improved for me, I still rarely get to enjoy it as a commuter, only having one class a week on main campus. Recently, I spent an entire day on campus, like a “real” student, taking advantage of everything the university scene had to offer me. I:

1. Started off the morning with a workout at the Athletic Center.

2. Enjoyed a free (vegan!) lunch as part of “Graduate Student Appreciation Week.”

3. Read outside on “the quad.”

4. Imbibed on a free glass of wine and noshed on snacks for grad school happy hour at Cafe Rachel!

5. Partook in my weekly Wednesday night class…

Chatham has so much to offer to me that I wish I could take advantage of the facilities and student life even more, but as I said, grad life is quite different. Most days are spent at home (15 miles away), cuddling with the kitty and reading LOTS of books and articles. If I didn’t have to worry about parking my car near campus and walking up AND down the many hills of Pgh to get to class, maybe I would come to campus more often 🙂

Even if I don’t, I will enjoy every moment I am here. And if you’re in school, try to enjoy every minute and every (FREE) opportunity you can. The “real world” is not as fun and interesting!

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  1. janaynay
    Nov 09, 2011 @ 23:18:08

    Update please


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