A Day in Y-Town

Youngstown, Ohio might not be a top destination on your “to visit” list, but it was lovely for a weekend afternoon trip. My Pgh friend Sara is originally from Y-town, as they say, so she was happy to show me around her neck of the woods and check out the Grey to Green Festival going on.

We started with lunch at a local restaurant chain, where everything had meat in it…so I ended with my standby: a bunch of side dishes! I actually really enjoyed my house salad, baked sweet potato and asparagus. If you’re at a meat-heavy chain restaurant, ordering a few sides (make sure you choose a veggie!) is a good way to get a balanced meal.

What was maybe not so balanced, but soooo worth it was dessert. Handel’s Ice Cream, here we come!!

Holy cold, creamy treats, batman! This place makes all their own ice cream fresh (every couple days they’re making a new batch of each flavor), and there’s like 848563 flavors! Red velvet, s’mores, pumpkin pecan, spouse like a house….OMG, the list of unique offerings never ends! Of course, I had to try multiple flavors and find out what “spouse like a house” was like. FYI, according to Sara who worked there for many years, it is “malted vanilla ice cream with peanut butter ripples and pieces of chocolate covered pretzels.” WHAT? Amazing! Every flavor was so delicious and tasted really fresh. I just found out that there are a couple Handel’s Ice Cream’s not too far from me. This could get dangerous…

Banana cream pie, spouse like a house, chocolate peanut butter, and buckeye ice cream

After the sugar coma, it was time for festivalling! We perused the beautiful Wick Park while enjoying some of the Grey to Green vendors. I chatted with the Vegetarians of Youngstown and ogled over adorable alpacas!

Hello, furry friends!

My favorite part was meeting Sara’s cute mama and checking out her house after all the fun. I even got to see some fancy artwork from the young prodigy:

I definitely could not draw flowers like that at 10 years old!

It was such a lovely afternoon, and just a little over an hour away. Hmmm, where else can I go for a day or weekend trip? I’m thinking the Spa at Hotel Hershey is not a bad idea!


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