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I’ve been in Pgh less than a year and a half, and I’ve already made it on broadcast news twice! Once was about volunteering, and once about food, so it’s all positive stuff. Don’t worry, my ego will deflate soon 🙂

Breaking News!

Remember when I participated in Project: Food Budget with the (former) Reluctant Vegetarian and other bloggers? Well, three of us participants are Pittsburghers (including Emily, the Reluctant Veg, who started the project), so the local news station interviewed her and us about what we learned from the project.

Emily being interviewed about starting Project: Food Budget

In high school, I was on the news team and we got to visit the local stations in Detroit while they were filming the noon news. I thought it was so cool and went into college thinking I wanted to be a broadcast journalist. I ended up on a different path, but I was always fascinated by news reporting, so I really enjoyed the “behind the scenes” stuff of shooting a segment, especially one that I was in! Emmy award-winning anchor Michelle Wright from WTAE was great to chat with, too!

Where there are bloggers, there are plenty of cameras...

Emily is starting a new round of Project: Food Budget…for an entire year! Check out her post to join in the fun!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Emily
    Sep 26, 2011 @ 15:16:48

    Love it! You were positively fabulous in the segment. Great to finally meet you, and chat.


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