25 Before 25 – September Check In

Ahhh, September. School’s back in session, the leaves are starting to turn and the air has a crisp autumn feel.

Unfortunately, my school schedule has limited the amount of free-time reading, or really any free time that I have to pursue some of the things on my 25 Before 25 list. Here’s what I accomplished this month:

18. Volunteered/Worked on a farm

This is actually an ongoing project for my Growing Sustainably lab, where I’ll be learning about and working on the organic garden at Chatham’s Eden Hall Campus. So far, I feel out of my element with my lack of farming knowledge, but I’m learning!

Here’s my ongoing list of what’s to come!

1. Complete a 5k
2. Transition into a vegan lifestyle
3. Start some kind of further education/night classes
4. Explore the Grand Canyon
5. Plan a trip to Hawaii
6. Meditate
7. Take a real/professional cooking class
8. Get to a healthier weight
9. Try a new form of exercise
10. Learn some sign language
11. Go on a real hike
12. Visit an art museum in Pittsburgh (the WarholMattress Factory)
13. See the Nationality Rooms in the Cathedral of Learning at Pitt
14. Get into a regular yoga habit, at least once a week
15. Read The China Study
16. Finish The Hunger Games and/or The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo trilogies
17. Read a classic novel…Jane Eyre, Anna Karenina…something I don’t think I could bear but I should at least try!
18. Volunteer/Work on a farm
19. Watch an outdoor movie
20.  Join a non-profit committee or board
21. “Get away” with my man for a day or weekend
22. Watch the documentary Earthlings – (just finished this) it’s a must see, plus it’s free. Warning: not for the faint of heart.
23. See a recent Michael Moore documentary, maybe Capitalism: A Love Storyor Sicko
24. Participate in a Learnit through CommuniTeach
25. Host a giveaway on my blog (hint hint!)


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