Ooh La La!

I studied French for 5 years of my early academic “career” – from 8th grade through senior year of high school. Unfortunately, the language didn’t stick that well beyond the basic ‘Oui et Non’. What did stick was my love of French food and their culture surrounding food. Find an authentic fondue place and I am there! That’s why I was very excited to see a creperie on Craig Street on the heart of Pitt’s campus in Oakland.

Looks pretty French to me!

I was drawn to this just-the-perfect-size brunch/lunch spot with exposed brick and soft light blue walls. The cute 2-top table outside also gave it a nice Parisian cafe feel.

I was excited by Crepes Parisiennes‘s menu because there were just enough options (crepes, paninis, salad), with half being of the veggie variety. As long as you like cheese, you’ll be fine here 🙂
I enjoyed the mushroom and spinach crepe with soytang sauce and a mix of cheddar and provolone cheese. The taste was great and the portion was just right, but I was disappointed by the cheese options (or lack thereof)…not very French or exciting to my palate. The savory sauce options also sounded very heavy, with cream or oil (typical French!), so I opted for the not so French soytang, but at least it was very tasty! It brought the veggie and cheese ingredients to life. The crepe itself was also light and airy with a beautiful golden crust.

My square crepe and a friend's turkey & avocado panini in the background

The best part was definitely the side salad served with a house made champagne vinaigrette. Now that’s the French touch I’m talking about! For around $7, I enjoyed this pretty well balanced and filling meal. The atmosphere is a step up from the average fast-food options on campus as well. I will definitely be back the next time I’m in a “Je ne sais quoi” kind of mood. Just remember, this place isn’t very vegan-friendly, but then again, neither are the French!


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