Labor Intensive

Happy Labor Day weekend to all who labor!

I am currently either getting my hair done, smiling for pictures, or keeping calm a nervous bride as I am standing up in my friend’s wedding later today (yep, I pre-wrote this post). So there’s not much laboring going on over here, and I hope you’re able to rest as well.

enjoy labor day - man on beach


Since I’ve completed my first week of classes and have already read some very interesting articles, I’d like to specifically acknowledge small farm workers/farmers for their incredibly labor intensive workdays. It’s not easy to run an independent, small to mid-size farm in America, and I not only appreciate all the work farmers put in, but also their positive attitude and will to push through the difficulties they encounter because of doing what they believe in.

I’d also like to send a shout out to my daddy-o (who doesn’t know how to work a computer, so he won’t read this…) because he’s always worked like 8,473 jobs to keep our family happy and provided for (OK, not that many, but sometimes 3 or 4 jobs at a time.) And I can’t forget mommy cuz she works her butt off, too. My parents actually started their full time jobs on the exact same day, some 26 years ago. Can you imagine working in one place that long? Definitely not, so kudos to them!

a lovely pic of the 'rents and me at my cousin's bat mitzvah last weekend.

I’m sure I’ll be laboring over plenty of reading material soon enough. Enjoy your holiday weekend!


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