La Feria

Two Peruvian restaurants in one mid-size Appalachian city. Can you believe it? I recently visited the more veteran of the two – La Feria, Peruvian Restaurant & Art Shop.

A charming little restaurant and knick-knack shop

If it wasn’t for my all-knowing co-workers, I never would have found this walk-up eatery above Pamela’s Diner in Shadyside. I’m so glad we settled on a welcome/goodbye Peruvian inspired lunch (welcome to my replacement, goodbye to moi!), so I could eat some of the best black beans EVER. Who knew a simple plate of marinated black beans, side salad, and french bread could be so satisfying?!


In addition to the legumes, their house salad dressing rocks and I’ve heard the quinoa salad plate is just as ridiculous. In the words of my former co-worker “I don’t want this meal to end!”

After filling your belly, time to empty your wallet!

And if that wasn’t enough Peruvian goodness, Pittsburgh just opened another spot (also next to a Pamela’s Diner; they actually share kitchen and patio space), called Aji Picante (pronounce ah-hee, FYI). I haven’t yet visited, but I can’t wait to try their Quinotto – Quinoa risotto cooked with Andean peppers, served with roasted eggplant, asparagus, carrots, Butternut squash, Bell peppers, tomato confit, sweet corn, peas and Fava beans. Mmmmm!


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