Affluent Asian

As the sequel to my Accessible Asian post about affordable, everyday Asian eateries in Pittsburgh, this post is all about the dough. Show me the money! OK, sorry.

Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty…The food pics ahead are mouth-watering, colorful, and maybe orgasmic life changing. But you should probably only visit these featured restaurant for special occasions or when you feel like dropping some moola to impress that special someone(s) in your life.

Just sayin.

Tamari – small restaurant. secluded atmosphere. fresh and fancy food. Oh yeah, and the kitchen is wide open for your viewing pleasure. I was mesmerized! I felt like I was watching Iron Chef or one of those other 83524 TV cooking shows with the unusual techniques and meticulous applications, but it was all live. And then I actually got to eat the food! That is the best part and never happens (for me) on Iron Chef.

Veg sushi and awesome seaweed salad


Soba – my dinner was apparently too pretty to capture on camera. I had chanterelle and rice cake noodles with beans, yellow squash, spinach, cherry tomato, banana pepper, basil, red miso, and pine nuts. Every element was delicately applied to the plate but the flavors stuck out in just the right way. I want those plump, pudgy rice cake noodles back in my life!

Look at this schmancy “sushi” chocolate mousse dessert. Come ON.

Yeah, so my “Affluent Asian” list is shorter than I anticipated…Hmmm, is that because I’m a poor future grad student married to a poor med student? 🙂

On my future list of affluent Asian restaurants to visit are Plum Pan Asian and Umi (another big Burrito establishment, of course).

OK, an occasional meal at these restaurants won’t bust your budget. I guess I might be exaggerating a bit because I am cheap careful with my money… 🙂


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