Black Bean Cuban Cuisine

Near my workplace is a cute tucked away eatery featuring Cuban cuisine and a hidden dance floor in the back room. It’s a great lunch spot because it’s quick, quiet, and cheap (I wanted another ‘q’ word, but alas….).

Order from the bar

I liked the veg-friendly menu, although the veg icon placement can be misleading on the menu (next to a sandwich filled with ham and turkey?). I ordered the veggie wrap with black beans (duh), swiss, and a signature sauce. It was lightly pressed panini style and very filling!

messy but yummy!

On the side, my friend and I shared the yuca con mojo – boiled yuca topped with a sauce of sour orange juice, garlic and onions. I really liked the subtle sweetness and tartness that amped and lightened up this super starchy side.

yum yum yuca!

I’ll be back for more Black Bean! And apparently, those of you in northern Florida can also enjoy this small chain restaurant that has 3 locations in Tallahassee and Jacksonville. How did Pittsburgh fit into that mix? Hmmm…


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