An American (Veg) Diet

I am pinching myself for not going to the Museum of Science while in Boston to see the book turned exhibit “What I Eat: Around the World in 80 Diets.” The idea of the photographer and writer showcasing this project was to travel around the world taking pictures of what people eat in a day and including estimated calorie counts. Their goals weren’t necessarily to highlight problems, but rather to open peoples’ eyes.


Now, I take lots of pictures of my food and upload tidbits here and there to the blog, but can you imagine fitting your day’s eats into one frame? I’ve always wondered what that might look like, and if it shows that I eat like a heifer or just a “normal” American.

Here’s what I came up with on a random day:

Breakfast (bottom middle): Leftover chickpea & tofu hash from Square Cafe with a homemade Clif bar (in plastic wrap)
Snack (left): Carrots and a few yellow peppers with sun dried tomato hummus
Lunch (right): Spinach salad with cherry tomatoes and a few pieces of bbq baked tofu. Whole wheat couscous stuffed pepper (top right)
Snack (left): 2 small plums and 1 orange
Dinner (top middle): Two large pieces of leftover pizza with mushrooms and tomatoes
Glasses representing about 10 cups of water I drink daily, plus 2 cups of coffee.

Estimated Calorie Count: 1,950

Now, I won’t lie. This is a “good” day of eats for me. Usually included would be some form of sugary, chocolaty concoction 🙂

My thoughts on the day’s eats:
1. I like tomatoes in many forms (sun dried in the hummus, fresh in my salad, paste in my stuffed peppers, sauce and topping on my pizza!).
2. I could use more produce in my life (I was trying extra hard this day).
3. This follows my 80% vegan goal (dinner is the only meal with dairy in it).
4. Where’s my chocolate?!
5. I forgot to include myself in the picture! Eh, the food is more important…

What would your daily meals look like?


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