Flowers or Not So Much?

It’s August…which means hot weather (we’re ALL used to that by now), back to school shopping, and the beginning of the end of wedding season. Right? Wellll, all the weddings I seem to be invited to are after Labor Day. Weird…

Since summertime is full of weddings, that also means anniversary season. What feminine gift comes to mind for celebratory occasions such as these? You guessed it: flowers. A card and a colorful bouquet are pretty standard this time of year (I guess they crop back up on Feb.14, too). Here’s the thing, though…there are plenty of us ladies out there who don’t want flowers. Yes, we appreciate the thought (that’s the best part about holidays, right? :-)), but think about it. Flowers only last a few days, or less, if you’re me. They are beautiful, yes, but I can’t truly appreciate them because I don’t know what they are called and I’m too busy worrying about the cat eating them…

My florist and I just had the best time while planning the flower scheme for my wedding! “Um, I like those purple flowers.” “No, those green flowers are too green.” “Those smell funny…” Yeah, I should have left a bigger tip for Bruce the Florist…All turned out well though:

centerpieces with pretty purple, green and white flowers

Loved my bouquet, just don't ask what was in it!

Want a fun alternative to the standard roses? Do what my mama did – ain’t that the truth! My parents sent a lovely, edible arrangement shaped like flowers for our anniversary. Fresh, bright fruit. Delivered to my door. And it goes in my tummy and not in the garbage. WIN!

Mmmm LOTS of fresh fruit!


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