10 Personal Questions

Taking from a recent post by Caitlin HTP, here are my answers to 10 personal questions:

What do you have on your bedside table?

Alarm clock, pen and paper, In Defense of Food, hand lotion, and a monkey beanie baby with giant eyes named Coconut!

Do you have a tattoo?

No, tattoos aren’t really accepted in Judaism. I don’t know if it’s biblical or more about our family getting forcibly tattooed in the Holocaust. My grandmother has numbers on her arm that I thought about transforming into a memorial tattoo for her and all of my grandparents and relatives that made it through World War II, but in the end, I don’t think it makes sense for me to get a tattoo when trying to move on from the past. I try to remember my grandparents (alive and not) in other special ways.

Do you believe in abstinence prior to marriage?

I grew up with pretty liberal parents and didn’t practice abstinence as a teen. I actually got advice (from an important, unnamed person in my life) NOT to wait to have sex until marriage. They did not encourage promiscuity, but rather doing it when I was ready and being open and honest about it. I do not regret having sex before marriage because it was with my first real boyfriend, and I felt ready.

What is your worst habit?

I am a very public, leave-the-door-wide-open-while-I’m-peeing kind of person, so Hubs some people might not like that trait of mine…
I also touch my hair way too much when it’s straight or looks nice, as if messing with it will make it perfect…right, Mom? 🙂

How do you handle finances in your relationship?

Well, I’m the only one making money right now! Regardless, Hubs and I combine all of our earnings into one bank account that we opened when we got married. I still have some money in an old bank account that will be put toward graduate school, and Hubs has another bank account as well. I also pay the bills and keep track of monthly spending. The most important thing is that we are both open and communicative about spending, especially on bigger ticket items. We definitely had to reassess finances when I decided to go back to school. TWO post-bacc tuitions to pay? Ouch.

If you could change your name, what would you change it to?

When I was young, I loved the name Veronica. I don’t know where that came from…but now that I have a long last name, I would probably go with something short like Mia. In the end, I actually really like my name because it’s pretty common, but not many women my age have it!

Where do you want to go on your next vacation?

This could take awhile 🙂 My next feasible vacation will be Hawaii in December. Stateside, I would also love to go on a west coast road trip from Seattle all the way down to San Diego. In my dreams (or in the next 20 years), I plan to go to Australia and many more exotic locales!

What is one political cause you feel strongly about?

A smaller gap between the upper and lower classes.

Have you ever stolen anything?

I may have stolen some stuff from my local Meijer when I was 14 years-old and got caught red-handed and had to do community service. Maybe. In all seriousness, getting caught was the best thing that could have happened because it was such a stupid thing to do.

Tell us something embarrassing about yourself.

I’m gassy and sweaty. And I still managed to find a boy who loves me the way I am ❤


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