Jerked Tofu and Mean Green

After filling up bellies with hefty Burgatory burgers, my father-in-law exclaimed that all he wanted the rest of his time in Pittsburgh was a nice, light piece of fish. Well, that’s not my forte, so I enlisted the help of co-workers who led me to Kaya. Good thing because I had been wanting to try this big Burrito restaurant since I moved here (a whole year!). Apparently, you can always count on a beautiful piece of fish from most big Burrito establishments (Casbah, Eleven, Soba, Kaya, Umi).

After visiting the Warhol Museum on the North Side of Pgh, we traveled the short distance to dine at Kaya in the Strip District. On a sunny and warm Friday night, we enjoyed tropical island cuisine while sweating our butts off. OK, I’m exaggerating….but the restaurant was full with reservations so we had to got to eat outside. It didn’t matter, though, because the food rocked! FIL’s fish was delicious, Hubs enjoyed a pulled pork quesadilla, and I drooled over jerked tofu tacos.


Did I mention that I washed those down with a grapefruit basil margarita? So refreshing! I don’t much like alcohol, but margaritas and I get along 🙂 I am going to have to visit again when Kaya offers a monthly vegetarian prix fixe menu. I just have to suck it up and pay the $40…

On Saturday, my boys and I kept it local to our neighborhood with brunch at The Lamplighter…simple, cheap, good grub. Dinner was a new spot in town called Azan Wok. While I don’t know how to properly pronounce their name, I have thoroughly enjoyed the Chinese, Japanese, and Thai offerings so far. This time around I went Japanese style with miso soup, seaweed salad (love!), and a vegetable roll with cucumber, avocado and pickled radish. Such a yummy and green meal! I also appreciate the restaurant’s fancy website and well spoken employees (sorry, if you’re going to offer carryout, I need you to take my order down properly. I usually have a lot of questions and substitutions…).

Azan Wok carries these Japanese sodas...maybe I should try one!

To cap off the father-in-law’s visit, we played putt-putt, of course! Guess who beat the boys 2 out of 3 rounds? 🙂

Par 2 Golf Course


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