Happy Friday!

It’s a shorter workday for me, the weekend is ahead and the sun in shining (for now, anyway). Happy Day! Besides all that, there are many more things putting a smile on my face:

1. Young athletic stars rising out of my new town in tennis and dance. A French Open junior boys winner and a top 20 finalist on So You Think You Can Dance in the matter of a couple weeks. Great publicity for Plum-ers (haha, Plum residents…)

2. GUACAMOLE! And MANGO SALSA! Together, of course. Oh, AND the first fresh peach of summer. Mmmmmm.

3. The great outdoors: Yesterday, our workplace held a staff picnic in a nearby park. It was supposed to rain, but it didn’t! It ended up being the perfect afternoon- delicious and plentiful food (veggie burgers & dogs!), great company, and a relaxing break from work. Some us went for a lovely 2 mile walk around beautiful Schenley Park (complete with quintessential Pittsburgh bridges), and then finished up the afternoon with a gentle yoga practice. outside. under a shady tree. with sun shining and children playing around us. YES.

4. Spending an hour at Trader Joe’s after a wonderful staff picnic. YES.

5. Hubs finishing his first year of medical school. Wooooo hoooooo!!!!

Happy Weekend to you 🙂

A taste of Schenley Park


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