One sunny, uncharacteristically nice Saturday in early May begged for me to be outside, perusing this new city of mine. I ended up browsing, shopping, and eating my way through Lawrenceville during their annual Blossom Tour. Many of L-ville’s local businesses offered free seed packets along the way as part of the Tour. How nice! If only I didn’t have a black thumb. Anyway, more shopping and eating stories…
I spent what felt like hours pouring over clever cards at WildCard. I walked by favorite dining spot Tamari. I peeked into art galleries galore. I sampled a Parisian delight at authentic bakery La Gourmandine (cute French-accented pregnant lady included!). And I was intrigued by the unusual selection of knick knacks at Divertido.
And then, I stumbled upon Dozen. Ok, ok, I’ve seen this place before and it’s a local Pgh cupcake chain, but I’d never been to the Lawrenceville location. Truth be told, I once had a disappointly dry and sad cupcake from Dozen before, so I second guessed my decision to eat lunch there. But I think almost every place/thing is worth a second chance, and I’m certainly glad I didn’t walk away from Dozen for good.
Who knew Dozen Bake Shop also offers brunch and lunch eats? I decided on a bbq seitan wrap for my meal.
Mmmm wrappy goodness!
And I couldn’t walk into a cupcake shop without a special treat. A vegan treat, that is!

Vegan "Mostess" cupcake

One thing I love about Dozen – vegan food offerings and daily vegan cupcakes. OK, that’s two things…sorry. I chose the right day to come in and try their vegan “mostess” cupcake. It was the perfect amount of chocolate, creamy filling, and ganache topping without being over the top. I’m a big sweets person, but I usually don’t hop on the cupcake bandwagon; however, this was totally worth it. I might have to come back on a Thursday to try their vegan coconut key lime, too. Yum!
Plan your week accordingly friends 🙂
All together it was a perfect way to spend a solo Saturday afternoon.

Lunch, dessert, book, water, and perfect outdoor eating weather. What more does a girl need?!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Stephanie Brenner
    Jun 15, 2011 @ 15:07:45

    That was one thing I should have had before leaving the city. dozens.


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