OK, I know the word is pronounced and spelled ‘Animals’ but sometimes it’s fun to talk like a little kid…
Anyway, Happy 2nd Birthday to our glorious cat daughter, Lucy! We love you more than cat-parents should probably love a pet 🙂

our first halloween together


cuddling is our specialty


tv-watching, beer drinking lucy

And here are some weekend highlights in photos (yes, more animal pics :-))

Hungarian Folk Dancers at the Int'l Children's Festival


Petting Zoo at Int'l Children's Festival




Hey friend.


I perused Oakland...


...and then I ate at the Taste of Oakland!

There is so much going on in Pittsburgh now that the weather is perking up!
This past weekend, I did a few fun things in Pgh neighborhoods:
– Started with a one hour, 20-mile spin class in my ‘hood 🙂
– Visited the Monroeville Farmer’s Market for this first time this season
– Enjoyed the 25th Annual International Children’s Festival (without kids!)
– Sampled my way around Oakland at A Taste of Oakland
– Picked through oldies but goodies at the Regent Square neighborhood yard sale
– Thrifted at Thriftique
– Shopped in Shadyide
– Listened to a discussion on sustainability and farming with Anna Lappe
– Dined and grocery shopped at Whole Foods
…and that was just on Saturday!!

Whew! Hope you had a fun-filled weekend, too!


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