One of my “25 Before 25” goals is to transition into a vegan lifestyle. I have dedicated many hours to researching what that means and how exactly I define that transition. I have decided (at least for now) that I will strive to eat vegan 80% of the time, meaning about one non-vegan meal or snack per day. I know this doesn’t make me a “true” vegan in everyone’s eyes, but this is how I choose to transition. I’ve only been a vegetarian for one year, and I think it’s important to take my time easing into a new lifestyle or I will have a hard time sticking with it.

I’ve learned so much so far and have found great veg communities out there. I’m looking forward to what’s to come and how this transition will positively affect my life and, hopefully, the world around me. Here are some fantastic articles and resources that have helped me with this important decision:

Five Myths about Vegans
7 Reasons to Go Vegan

Helpful articles to cover all the bases of a vegan lifestyle (courtesy of VegNews Magazine):
The Vegan 101 Series – great info on food, fashion, home and beauty, and social situations!
2010 Veggie Awards
So far in Veganism, 2011
Veg-Friendly Games
Top 5 Vegan Fashion Trends

Double Wide Grill – they even have a vegan-only deep-fryer!
Abay – fabulous Ethiopian cuisine
The Zenith Vegetarian Cafe– doubles as an art gallery and antique shop!
Quiet Storm – my fave so far
Dozen Bake Shop – daily vegan cupcakes!
East End Food Co-op – mmmmm veg hot bar
Loving Hut – the first vegan chain
Mad Mex – Hubs and my favorite vegan-friendly AND omni-friendly restaurant
And many more…ethnic (Indian, Thai, Italian, Middle Eastern), grocery (Whole Foods, TJ’s), and places I haven’t tried yet (loooooong list!).

 (disturbing images. viewer discretion advised.)

(If you are vegan) How did you transition into a vegan lifestyle? There is so much more to it than just the food, and I’m working on incorporating other facets of my life (home goods, clothing/shoes) into this transition.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. emily
    May 23, 2011 @ 18:04:56

    i think it’s great that you are listening to yourself on what works for you. forget about the labels. eat what feels right. and trust that your body knows what is best for it.

    just my two cents.


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