A Little Spending Spree

You ever have one of those days where you just keep shopping and shopping, popping out of one store with bags in hand and into the next? Well, that was my Saturday! It certainly wasn’t planned, and started out innocently enough with a.m. spinning and tv watching, but soon I was burning a (mini) hole in my wallet. It all began with an afternoon appointment at David’s Bridal. It’s weird and a bit sad walking in to that store to buy a bridesmaid’s dress rather than a flowy, long white wedding dress. Been there, done that I suppose. Now it’s time to support my friend (and former bridesmaid) in her life changing occasion. I may not be dressed in white for the big day, but I will be looking pretty!

The bridesmaid dress style I’ll be wearing (in navy)

Just in case you’re wondering, my bridesmaids wore very cute (of course I think so), comfortable strapless and knee-length royal blue dresses. WITH POCKETS!

Moving on from wedding memories, I ordered my dress at David’s Bridal and then just had to stop in to the Half Price Bookstore a couple doors down. I’ve actually been meaning to check this place out, especially since beloved Borders closed across the street. Half Price is even better in my book (haha, pun intended). I picked up a couple gifts and some funny/totally random books, such as Would You Rather…? Pop Culture Edition. Example: Would you rather be machine-gunned to death with Lite-Brite pegs or be assassinated by Cabbage Patch Dolls? That’s a serious thought to ponder :-)…Even though it felt a bit like a clusterf**k with all the inventory in that store, I was pleasantly surprised with their organizational skills and knowledgeable employees. I will be back! Maybe with books to sell, too 🙂
Next up, I was on the hunt for a birthday present. After fueling up with Starbucks iced coffee (splash of soymilk, please) and scouring Marshall’s, DSW, Dots, Old Navy and Five Below, I ended up with a lot of stuff for me, but was empty handed for my friend. I decided to get a restaurant gift card that was sure to please. I’ll be honest, I’m not the best present giver. Sorry friends, I still love you!
Other things I learned along the (strip mall) way:
Five Below is kind of a cool store for cheap junk! I had never been inside before, assuming that it was, well…I didn’t know what it was, but now I do! I walked away with 2 pairs of $4 sunglasses, among other tchotchkes, so I was happy to make this store discovery.
– DSW has awesome shoes. Oh wait, I knew that one.
– Marshall’s has an adorable gourmet food section mixed in with their kitchen supplies. I found a lot of stuff that would make great dinner party or housewarming gifts (just not birthday gifts…)!

My loot!

Among the items I picked up, my favorites include: super strappy sandals from Dots, comfy yet cute walking shoes from DSW (I finally found you!!), coconut oil from Marshall’s, the 2 pairs of Five Below sunglasses at $4 each, and In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan. I will have you know that, being the bargain shopper I am, ALL of this stuff (including gifts for 3 friends) cost less than my David’s Bridal dress (which was discounted as well). After spending $55 on gas and a car wash in the same day, I’m pretty happy about that! Let’s see what this weekend holds…I have no more $$ to spend!


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  1. imke
    May 06, 2011 @ 16:17:11

    My new favorite word has to be tchotchkes!


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