Project: Food Budget, Week 17

Budget: $75
Actual: $68.90

I shopped. I cooked. I ate. Nothint too crazy to report for this week, but this extra special eye on grocery budgeting should probably be transitioned into dining out as well. I’ve been going out a bit more lately, and Hubs has a crazy schedule for the next month, so I’m sure that means many lunches eaten at fast foody places. If I were to budget our restaurant spending, I’m not sure what the right number would be. I suppose I should look at past receipts (I keep ’em all!) and figure out an area where we can scale back a bit. Dining out, even with fast casual food, can become very, very expensive.

In exciting food news this week, I had two fun shopping experiences. One was scouring the gourmet foods section of Marshall’s, where I picked up virgin coconut oil. I’ve seen this product on a few blogs and heard about the health benefits of it versus “conventional” oils. I’m intrigued…
The other fun buy happened during a work stop in the Strip District, where I rarely go (sadly). I got a whole bunch of produce from Stan’s Market for under $10! It’s not organic, but I’m working on that…


Cheap produce, holler.

Who buys 3 yellow peppers, 1 lb. strawberries, 1 lb. brussel sprouts, 5 kiwis, 2 small eggplants and 1+ lbs. grapes for under $10?! This girl.

Check out my Project: Food Budget friends!


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