Taste Love Cupcakes

I promised you a little food porn recap from my visit to Detroit. That place is really stepping it up…on to the restaurants and CUPCAKES!!

Vegan Brunch!

Inn Season Cafe was at the top of my “restaurants to visit in Detroit” list. Sunday brunch was a perfect choice…I met a friend to chat about her upcoming wedding(!) and feasted on a vegan omelet made with tofu, chickpeas and Daiya cheese, roasted potatoes, cornbread, and maple smoked tempeh. This was my first experience with a cheese alternative, and while I liked the texture and melty-ness, the taste just wasn’t quite there for me. The maple smoked tempeh was awesome! It was sweet and salty and just a little bit smoky, and brought everything else on the plate alive. I seriously need to learn how to make tempeh taste delicious at home. It’s a tricky food to master, but I’ll get there 🙂

Korean BBQ Veggies & Tofu

Bro likes Pei Wei's complimentary orange slices and fortune cookies

Pei Wei – bro is a big fan, as you can see. Even though this is a chain, we don’t have Pei Wei in Pgh, so I was happy to meet him for lunch at this fast casual Asian spot. I love the simple menu and ease with which I can find a delicious lunch, with plenty of leftovers for another day. I enjoyed korean bbq veggies & tofu with brown rice. They have some seriously delicious baked tofu!

Noble Fish – the cutest Japanese grocery store with the best little sushi hideaway. I started with seaweed salad (it’s delicious, just try it!) and then savoured kampyo (squash), umeshiso (plum cucumber) and shiitake mushroom rolls. Veggie yum yum!! This was my first experience with Japanese squash and plum…the squash was deliciously crunchy and pickled and the plum was interesting…sweet and tart, but not quite there for me. At least I tried something new 🙂
I also picked up a few fun snacks on the grocery side. It’s not everyday I’m in an authentic Japanese store!


Taste Love Cupcakes is a brand spankin’ new cupcake shop in my former haunt, Royal Oak, MI. The decor is minimalistic, pristine white, and clean. The cupcakes are AMAZING.

They offer a daily vegan cupcake option 🙂

My friend and I shared vanilla chocolate (left) and sweet potato (right) cupcakes

I really liked the marshmallowy chocolate frosting on the vanilla cupcake, but I loved my dense but not too heavy, perfectly spiced, fresh out the oven sweet potato cupcake. It was still warm when I cut into it and made the frosting all gooey. O.M.G. what a special treat!


P.S. Love the little red velvet heart that adorns each cupcake!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rick
    May 03, 2011 @ 20:22:57

    awesome post, and that omelet looks spectacular! i want a tofu omelet!


  2. stephanie
    May 08, 2011 @ 04:32:46

    Check out http://www.hipcitydeals.com for a daily deal coupon for Taste Love Cupcakes!


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