Project: Food Budget, Week 15

I’m baaaack! From the D, that is. I have so many fun tid bits and pics to share, but first comes food talk:

Budget: $75.00
Actual: $79.15

I wasn’t sure how the budget would look this week since I wasn’t home to shop, but rather visiting my former home to load up on Michigan essentials that I can’t seem to adequately find in Pennsylvania. And what did I buy in MI that PA has been lacking? Wine and bread – 3 big, fresh loaves of challah bread (during Passover, I know) and 5 bottles of Trader Joe’s wine (2 organic!) to be exact. Also in the shopping mix:

– 1 regular loaf of bread,  2 new (to me) energy bars,  soy milk,  (expensive) hot bar food from Plum Market,  TJ’s vitamins and a couple snacks.

I’m extremely pleasantly surprised at spending less than $80 and getting FOUR loaves of bread, FIVE bottles of wine, and a 2-month supply of (vegan) multivitamins plus 2 meals worth of food and extra snacks. I’ll take it!

I miss this section of TJ's in Pennsylvania...

P.S. The macaroons were a big hit with friends and family, so if you haven’t made a batch yet, you’re missing out.

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  1. emily
    Apr 21, 2011 @ 16:13:28


    i look forward to the day that wine and beer can really be sold in regular stores. that will be an amazing day.


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