Project: Food Budget, Week 11

I overspent a bit. Forgive me.

Budget: $75.00
Actual: $90.56

I made up for last week…and I bought a lot of tofu. I’ve been seeing quite a few recipes that call for silken tofu (for sauces, smoothies, “cheez”), so I stocked up on the shelf stable variety. This could become very dangerous for me because, as I’ve mentioned, I like to have a fully stocked pantry. It makes me feel better about life…

I didn’t cook much this week because I’m a bit under the weather (sniffle), but I managed to throw together some bean brownies and Emily’s White Chili. They warmed my soul 🙂

I also spent a little more this week on shredded coconut and dark chocolate. See where I’m going with this? Dark chocolate dipped macaroons for book club this weekend! Get excited.

Let’s check on those other Project: Food Budget peeps:


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. lifecoachabby
    Mar 24, 2011 @ 16:49:19

    Great post. My husband and I have to be super tight with our food budgeting. We have two little ones but make no income because we are both in school. We eat really healthy so it is challenging but doable. I am interested in reading about the others’ budgets as well. Glad I stumbled across this.


  2. Stephanie Brown
    Mar 24, 2011 @ 20:29:56

    Hope you feel better soon. 😦

    I am the same way about being fully stocked. Every time I’m in the pantry and I see those extra bottles of Marie Sharp’s hot sauce, I’m just imbued with a sense of security that is hard to describe. I know for sure that I will not have to make the drive to get that special item and all my future habanero needs will be met. Ha.


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