Brunch with Friends

This past weekend, I filled my social calendar with friendly gatherings. It certainly helped that I was staying in the city (ahh, house-sitting) and was near all the action.

Saturday started with a lovely 3-ish mile walk/jog around Squirrel Hill, with a Starbucks stop in the mix. Gotta have some liquids, right? 🙂 Then came brunch!…gluten free pancakes and fruit salad with (gluten intolerant) friend Amy and then some shopping around the ‘Burgh for a groovy inspired ensemble at Goodwill and Avalon Exchange.

Saturday brunch-o

Dinner was spent with Hubs – he came to visit! We dined at Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery at the Waterfront. Who knew there’d be an hour and a half wait for a table at 8:30pm?! We decided to sit in the farthest corner of the bar (directly below a dart board) so we didn’t have to wait as long to chomp on tasty burgers.

Writing on the darts scoreboard...

Mmm handcrafted veggie burger with broc!

Sunday morning started with a quick work thing (blech), but then it was quickly redeemed by brunch with my friend/coworker Stephanie. We had both been wanting to try Square Cafe, this colorful, cute breakfast and lunch diner in Regent Square. I’m really glad we went because the atmosphere was hip, the food was super tasty (and easily recognizable as veg/vegan with menu icons), and they featured artwork from Budapest :-).

Steph! With mug o' coffee, veggie omelet & hash

Peanut butter pancake topped with bananas, choc.chips & real whip, leeks & goat cheese egg beaters, hash AND unpictured rye toast!

Hungarian art

We had a serious meal! I just finished the leftovers…

Sunday afternoon was baby time! I visited my friend Amy and got to watch a beatiful newborn do what they do best – eat, sleep and poop 🙂
Then I got yelled at by Jillian Michaels (read: workout) and relaxed with a good book. Ahhh the weekend! I’m ready for more!


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