Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

I don’t think anyone will readily admit enjoying stepping out of their comfort zone, because it wouldn’t really seem that comfortable then, right? I do think it’s necessary to change up routines a bit and challenge yourself to try new things or try new ways of doing old things.

Enter the “house sitting” experiment. Now, I didn’t offer to watch my friend’s place and dog as an experiment, but I might as well look at it that way. I’ve been doing all kinds of new things/switching up the old routine these past 10 days…let’s recap!

1. MUCH shorter commute – The best thing about house sitting 10 minutes away from work! I earned one extra hour per day of me time instead of driving 🙂

2. Scooping poop – I’ve never owned a dog, and cat poop scooping isn’t nearly as messy or smelly :-/

Nora dog

3. Getting loved on by a cute pup – OK, the licking part and getting excited when I came home every day was pretty fun!

lots of licking!

4. Sidewalks – When it wasn’t bitterly cold, I took a walk everyday (sometimes there was jogging!). Who knew I’d miss sidewalks and neighborhoods so much?!

A lovely synagogue I passed on one of my walks through Squirrel Hill

5. Weekends in the ‘Burgh – so much better when you’re close to everything! It made me not want to sit on my *ss all day and watch TV. Speaking of that…
6. MUCH less TV watching – I’m a self-admitted TV addict, but I turned on the boob tube for no more than 4 hours in the past 10 days (most of it was the Oscars). That’s a record! It probably helps that my friend only has a few channels to choose from. I just had to get out of my comfort zone!
7. MUCH less Internet time – My friend also doesn’t have internet in her home (partly why the blog posts have been sparse lately). I kept planning to go to a nearby cafe to mooch on Wi-fi but I only made it there once because I didn’t feel the need to be so “connected.” That felt great.

The only time I made it to the cafe...with an iced espresso to sip on a lovely sunny day!

8. Reading – Because of the lack of TV watching and Internet surfing, I got a lot of reading done! I finished two books, Room by Emma Donoghue and Mr. Maybe by Jane Green, plus a few magazaines (from January) that were dying to be read (Self, Whole Living, Vegetarian Times). 
9. Banana frozen yogurt topped with coconut – I’m not a huge fan of either flavor, but for some reason I was in the mood. Must be all about this “new” lifestyle I’m trying out 🙂
10. Dancing like a maniac in a dark, empty studio – I had the opportunity, so I ran with it!

see me dancing?

To sum things up, I LOVED these past 10 days. House sitting is pretty fun, especially when it’s more convenient for work. Dogs are awesomesauce (thanks for the new word Caitlin), and getting out of a rut is always welcome in my book! 


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