Project: Food Budget, Week 7

Let’s chat dollars and cents:
Goal: $75
Actual: $85.80

OK, so I went over budget this week…but I needed to restock after focusing on 30 cups of spaghetti sauce last week. Some of the yummies I purchased include fresh fruits & veg, chicken for Hubs, tasty TJ’s fruit leathers, and lots of pantry items (beans, TVP, flour…)

I even cooked a baked a little, too! I still haven’t gotten around to that all important weekly meal planning phase, but I’m working on it… Instead, I just whipped a couple things, including a sloppy joe-like concoction using TJ’s Soy Chorizo.

I mixed it with sauteed shallots, garlic, and leftover tomato paste (from last week’s spaghetti sauce). It was so flavorful and nicely spicy wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla. I put some roasted parsnips and brussel sprouts (LOVE) on my plate and called it a day! I’ve had that meal about three times this week, but it hasn’t gotten old yet!

I also had a book club gathering last night, and contributed the Happy Herbivore’s Maple Muffins. They were a hit, even next to the chewy/fudgy cookie AND brownie bars. Yes, a cookie and a brownie together…ridiculous. I chowed down before even considering taking a picture 🙂

Mmmmm Maple Muffin!

I love the light pumpkin flavor of the muffins and how moist and delicious they are. They sure don’t taste whole wheat, fat free AND vegan 🙂

Let’s see how the other Project: Food Budget-ers are doing:


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