The Plethora of Options

First, it has to be said that I’ve written 100 posts on the blog! Woo Hoo!!! Here’s to the next 100 and lots more after that 🙂

OK on to the topic of the day:

Grocery stores- they’re everywhere! Of course we need them, but never before have we had so many different options. As I assess my weekly grocery spending during Project: Food Budget, I am also taking a look at my spending habits and where I choose to shop. In Pittsburgh, I’ve found plenty of supermarkets willing to take my money:

Trader Joe’s
Whole Foods
Giant Eagle
McGinnis Sisters
Market District (Giant Eagle)
Right By Nature
East End Food Co-op
Shop ‘N Save
Shur Save

Just this weekend, I visited 4 of those shops in the same day. Yeesh!

I’ve probably talked about each one of these places many times already, but it’s worth repeating my favorites:

Best Store Brand:  Trader Joe’s – obviously everything is their store brand which is one of the things I love about TJ’s! If I didn’t also have to shop for Hubs, this might be my only food stop for the week.
Best Produce: McGinnis Sisters – their stuff is so fresh! McG doesn’t offer many sales but that’s because their produce is usually reasonable priced. Oh and I love the reduced priced stuff that’s about to go bad. Gotta use it that day!
Best Overall: Giant Eagle Market District – I don’t love the normal GE, but the expanded Market District offers plenty of organic options, ingredients from around the world, the same GE sales, and everything Hubs and I need from a grocery store.

I also love Right By Nature, Whole Foods, and East End Food Co-op but I don’t fit them into my regular routine because I think a lot of their stuff can get pricey. Each one certainly has a few great things, though! Namely the bulk bins and hot food bars 🙂

Where’s your favorite place to shop for food? What are your most important criteria…Price? Convenience? Variety?


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