Project: Food Budget, Week 5

The results are in:
Goal: $75
Actual: $42.71

This was the ultimate leftovers and takeout week…


Beautiful Super Bowl salad courtesy of Jenn

I barely popped into the grocery store, and it was for nothing more than milk, bread, produce, and some last minute Super Bowl treats.

This week I also wanted to save up my money and grocery shopping because of a planned excursion to Right By Nature this Sunday. Planned grocery store outing…how odd, right? Well, it’s all because the Happy Herbivore is coming to Pittsburgh for a book signing and cooking demonstration! This will be my first time…getting a book signed, of course 🙂

I’m pumped for that and a quality grocery trip all in one afternoon! It takes a reeeally good reason for me to drive into the city on a Sunday (suburbanite whine), so you know I’m looking forward to this.

Let’s see how the other Project: Food Budget-ers are coming along. I wonder if I’ll meet any of them this weekend!?


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jeannette
    Feb 13, 2011 @ 16:03:44

    Does your weekly grocery bill thus week include the amount you spend eating out? I have tried and tried to get down to $50 and just has not worked. How many people are you feeding?


    • Julie
      Feb 13, 2011 @ 16:31:54

      My $75/week goal does not include eating out. It’s just the two of us- my husband and I- but we have very different schedules so it’s hard to budget eating out. My husband does so a lot more because he’s in medical school and is always studying, so I can only pack him so much food (nothing that requires heating).
      I rarely eat out, so I think we can try to keep it around $40/week. We’ll have to take a look at all our receipts and see what will work for us.
      Are you budgeting $50/week for groceries and eating out?


      • jeannette
        Feb 17, 2011 @ 12:43:44

        We don’t eat out. I am looking at all these food project blogs in awe. It is so hard to feed a family of 3 on $70/ week but it is really a nessesity as our only income is my husband’s grad school stipend. I am relieved to know there are additional meals not in that budget. I was really baffled about what I was doing wrong. 🙂

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