Crafty Wednesday

What better way to start off What I Like Wednesdays than with FREE FOOD?! It was Bruegger’s Bagels birthday yesterday, so a co-worker and I grabbed THREE free bagels to munch on for the rest of the week. Well, Hubs will probably take them all…he LOVES bagels! 🙂

OK, moving on…Today on What I Like Wednesday: Part V, it’s all about crafts! I’m not going to get Martha Stewart crafty on ya, but I do enjoy a creative art every now and again.

My all-time favorite crafty activity is scrapbooking. The pictures, the stickers, the patterned paper, oh my! A girl (or guy) can get very inspired! I love documenting my travels and life milestones with a good scrapbook. I incorporate pictures and unique (flat) items I’ve collected along the way- hotel keys, restaurant menus, even coins. They can bring the visual story to life. I’m still working on scrapbooking my 5 months spent in Europe…that’s going to take awhile!

My new favorite craft is crocheting (cro-shay-ing, not crotch-ett-ing!). I just learned how to crochet from some crafty co-workers at my first “Purl-n-Hurl” party. How cute are we?!


My practice crochet

Balls of yarn, not to be confused with skeins.

This comes about a month after I FINALLY learned how to sew…I’m behind the times, my friends.

Now that I’m a master crocheter, I would also love to get into using oil pastels or painting. Since I’m not the most creative person, I need to just set the tools in front of me and GO! It’s worth a try.

What’s your favorite crafty activity?


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