Super Bowl Recap

My first Super Bowl in Pittsburgh didn’t go as well as planned…well, my small gathering of friends and the delicious food was great! But that whole football game thing…it was sad. I wasn’t feeling too confident in my newly appreciated Steelers once they were trailing 0-14. And then they continued to trail the whole game 😦

I’m glad that I had good company and scrumptious food to distract me from the game…

"Aunty" Jenn and baby Ezra


Veg with yummy chipotle hummus


Grapes, cheese, crackers. super fancy.


and finally...fudgy brownies, pistachios and pumpkin bread. mmmmmm!

It’s always about the food! I also enjoyed watching the commercials, which I haven’t actively done in many years. I noticed the first half was loaded with Pepsi and Doritos and many commercials were quite violent, no? I guess violence is funny because I did find myself laughing out loud once or twice.

Being from Detroit, I particularly liked this commercial narrative:

I’m not quite sure if it was a commercial for Detroit, for Eminem, or for the Chrysler 200…? But I appreciate the way it was filmed and that it portrays Detroit as overcoming the obstacles. But a 2-minute ad during the Super Bowl?! I wonder how many millions were spent on that…

Super Bowl thoughts? Cheeseheads? Terrible Towel-ers?!


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