Review: Eating Animals

Happy Monday! It’s happier for some (Packers) than others (Steelers), but more on that later. I’m going to discuss my Super Bowl thoughts tomorrow. Commence nail biting, sitting on the edge of your seat suspense!

Anyway, it’s kind of obvious that I like to read fairly regularly. I’ve actually been reading a lot lately compared to my scholastic history. I didn’t like being forced to read as a child, so it’s all the more liberating now that there are endless choices. I prefer to read fiction novels but like to switch it up every few books with a non-fiction topic like food, history, wellness, etc.

Enter Eating Animals, my latest non-fiction read about- you guessed it- the food industry and what it really means to eat animals. This book was written by Jonathan Safran Foer of Everything is Illuminated and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close fame…Both of which are movies now. So it was a nice turn of events in Foer’s career to write a non-fiction book with his perspective and childhood stories in mind. He gets personal with the reader and explains that part of the reason he wrote this book was to learn more for himself and his family and decide what was best for them.

Along the way, he shares a ridiculous number of facts, stories, and glimpses into the food industry, ranging from factory farms to farm sanctuaries. He attemps to view the issue of eating animals from many sides- guest letters and observations featured throughout the book come from factory farmers, vegans, family farmers, vegetarians, and the in-betweens.

Foer shares so much alarming information in this book that it could become overwhelming, but he is able to visually portray the facts and allow the reader to put into perspective what he is saying. One visualization comes to mind- as Foer equates the number of chickens slaughtered each day to how many times they could wrap around the earth. Unbelievable. Some of the findings are simply outrageous.

Whether you’re omni, pesci, veggie…you must read this book. Of all the information I’ve come across that leads to my current vegetarian lifestyle, this has been the most compelling for me. I’ve enjoyed Skinny Bitch, The Kind Diet, The Omnivore’s Dilemma…but this is the book I’m going to try to convince Hubs to read the most!


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