About Me

Remember my Wednesday post about sporty cities? Well I can’t help but share that during this morning’s spinning class, we rode along to the music of “Steelers Ladies,” a parody of Beyonce’s song “Single Ladies.” It was a riot! I was laughing out loud in the middle of spin class. You must listen:

For those of you who know me- grew up with me, are related to me, perhaps birthed me 🙂 – the following list of things about me may be old news. But since that’s not the case for all of you, I thought I’d share what I think are interesting tidbit about Julie. Enjoy!

1. I’m (physically) flexible. I took gymnastics classes for many years as a child and have been able to do the splits for as long as I can remember. Now it helps in my yoga practice and always turns heads at the gym during stretch time!

2. I got paid to go to college. One of my proudest accomplishments in life so far has been receiving a full tuition scholarship to attend Wayne State University. It was a big burden lifted off many shoulders, but I didn’t stop there. During college, I continuously applied for and earned some specialty scholarships and monetary leadership awards that eventually allowed me to live on campus for the last two years of school.

3. I’m almost first generation. My mom is American born, but learned Hungarian before English, and my dad is from Ukraine. My entire dad’s side of the family grew up in present day Ukraine, near the Hungarian border. I’m very proud of all my eastern European blood and the fact that both my parents speak Hungarian fluently and that I know a little bit of this unique language. My dad speaks 5 or 6 languages, but it was partly the Hungarian that brought my parents together from Michigan and Israel (where my dad lived in his 20’s).

My cute European daddy!

4. I come from survivors. With all the eastern European blood in me, it’s no surprise that my family was enormously affected by World War II. My two grandfathers were sent to forced labor camps. My mom’s mom had to hide under Christian papers, and my dad’s mom had the worst of it. She survived about a year in the Auschwitz and then Bergen-Belsen concentration camps. She has the tattoo, the horror stories, and the resilient will to survive to prove it. I strive to be as strong as my 88 year-old grandmother.

My amazing grandmother, Irina, at my wedding

5. I got married to my almost high school sweetheart. Hubs and I met as teenagers, during the summer between high school and college. We dated all through college and got engaged after four and a half years of dating. We’ve been together for 6 and half years now 🙂

About a year into our relationship


So there you go! I don’t want to spill all the beans, but now you know a little more about what makes me ME 🙂


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