Project: Food Budget Week 4

First off, I had the weirdest dream last night! I dreamt that I was being attacked by an alligator, not in a swampy forest, but in an office building type space! I managed to wrestle the alligator and pin him to the ground with my elbow while I called for help- I’m guessing I called Animal Rescue. What does this mean?! Regardless, I WON.

In other not so odd news, it was an interesting grocery week. With this week came a new month and many grocery trips…I even went to three stores yesterday to find one ingredient, but no luck! Peanut flour, anyone?

Discontinued at Trader Joe's. So sad.

My goal was not to spend any money in the last few days of January because I was already a little over the $300/month goal, but I ended up spending $11.81 during a small trip (that may have involved ice cream). And since February has started – so in the past 2 days – I’ve already spent $64.78. That brings this week’s total to $76.59 which is better than I anticipated and pretty much on track with the $75/week slash $300/month goal! It could have been worse, but I don’t feel as good about my purchases this week…does that make sense?

It could be because this week’s grocery mix also included a little Super Bowl snackage. Hubs and I will be hosting a few friends at our house on Sunday for Super Bowl XLV. Yes, I had to look up what the roman numerals were for this year (I don’t keep up)…but hey, I’m in Pittsburgh now and we’re in the Super Bowl again. Woo Hoo! Sense the enthusiasm? Eh, it’s a good excuse to hang with friends and drink the beer Hubs makes. Did I mention that my wonderful husband makes delicious beer? 🙂


EZ's Homebrew

Anyway, recipes have definitely been lacking and it was more of a “use the frozen and pantry items” kind of week…with some weeknight pizza thrown in there. We couldn’t resist- Hubs and I got a free medium pizza for being newcomers to the area! That’s economical, right?! There will be lots of baking this weekend and then it’s back to semi-normal cooking Julie…we can hope!

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Stephanie Brown
    Feb 03, 2011 @ 21:16:47

    What were you going to use the peanut flour for?


    • Julie
      Feb 03, 2011 @ 21:29:52

      It can be used like regular flour for baking, but may not measure cup to cup. It’s very high in protein and a good source of fiber, so I was going to bulk up my oatmeal, smoothies or other liquid-type stuff. And I’ve heard it can be an all natural peanut butter replacement when just mixed with water (although it will taste different and not sweet). And I REALLY wanted to make no bake cookies from Beth’s blog at

      I found a lot of other flour options while on my search, but not peanut! I think it can be ordered online.


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