CSA Update

I really appreciated all the comments and suggestions I received about my “To CSA or Not to CSA” post earlier in the week. Thanks to CaitlinHTP for Tweeting and sending wise advice givers my way!

I think I’ve found the best compromise, so that I can get local, fresh produce and support family farms, while also keeping my budget in mind and trying not to waste uneaten produce. I’m going to go with Kretschmann Farms on the recommendation of a few friends. They offer an every other week option, so that I’ll be receiving 12 or 13 boxes over the June-November seasons, rather than the full 25 boxes. The cost averages out to a little over $26 per box, so it’s really only $13 per week in produce that will be supplementing my normal grocery store purchases.

I also really like that Kretschmann asks if you want your box to be donated to a food pantry when you’re out of town, they ask what your favorite veggies are and your “never eat short list.” I think it’s great that they make an effort to cater to each customer as best they can. And beyond the basic produce, you can upgrade your box to include local fair trade organic coffee, free range organic chickens, a mushroom medley, and PA gourmet cheeses. So many choices!

I think the every other week box will be a good way for our small family to get started and get more familiar with CSAs to figure out if we can sustain it.

Now, on to some yummy pictures:

Cute kitty, not just in the laundry basket, but weaving through my garments…
Leftover pumpkin ravioli pumped up with grilled veggies and fancy balsamic glaze

Doesn’t that pumpkin rav look so good?! And it tasted delicious, too, especially with the addition of grilled shallots, mushrooms, zucchini, and red bell peppers. Hubs ate his topped with melted mozz cheese and cream cheese. He had to cover it pretty good in that cheese, but he ate it! I’m proud 🙂

And on to my final tasty pic:

This looks similar to the pumpkin ravioli with the repeat of balsamic glaze and grilled veggies, but the noodles are of course different. Well, they’re not exactly real noodles…have you heard of Tofu Shirataki? They are noodle-like and extremely lo-cal, just made from yam flour and tofu. They make for a very fast and satisfying snack topped with your favorite sauce.

I found out about tofu shirataki from the Hungry Girl and started eating it back in the D. I finally found a place in Pgh that sells them…score! I wouldn’t eat these everyday because they’re not very nutritious or filling (40 calories for the WHOLE bag), but it’s a nice savory snack or soup addition. Try ’em out! And make sure you rinse well…they smell fishy (yes, that’s a little weird).


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