Project: Food Budget Week 1

Hey there blog world! Today is the first week recap of Project: Food Budget. I mentioned over the weekend that my first week of 2011 groceries totaled over $173 which shocked me, and I’m sure you as well. So I scaled back this week, mostly because Hubs and I didn’t need much, and only spent $51.89. A lot of that was on pop (yes, POP) which the Hubs could definitely drink less of…hmm, that boy is expensive! This has been an ongoing “thing” in our relationship- I buy him exactly what he wants (certain brands & items) because he doesn’t ask for too much, and I’m always bargain shopping for myself. Sales and coupons? Yes, please!

So between the two weeks, we’ve spent around $225, which doesn’t bode well for my $300/month goal. We’ll have to wait and see!
What’s super nice about this challenge is that I’m not doing it alone! There are many other bloggerific people out there trying to restrict their grocery budgets, too. Check ’em out!

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In other food news (what else?!), I enjoyed a lovely book club gathering last night full of healthy fare that filled my belly.

My plate- rice pilaf, bean salad and carrots with hummus & tangy yogurt for dippin’!

Oh yeah, we talked about the book, too….well, a lot of us didn’t finish A Pigeon and a Boy (myself included, sad face) so we just chatted and had a great time. And there were wheat & dairy-free cookies from Gluuteny! They were very chewy and “buttery.” I had a third of a big one…mmm!

Cranberry Walnut!



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  1. reluctant veggie
    Jan 14, 2011 @ 02:25:40

    what a stark contrast between weeks! i’ll be interested to see how things shape up for you. 🙂


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