What I Like Wednesday: Part III

Happy Wednesday/snow day to all! Hopefully you are staying safe and warm out there today!

On WILW: Part III, we shall be discussing Restaurant Week. ‘Which restaurant week?’ you may ask. Well, any and all of them, of course! I’m loving this phenomenon of communities coming together to provide casual and not-so-casual dining to the masses at reasonable prices. I took advantage of Detroit Restaurant Week by visiting Rattlesnake Club with girlfriends back in Detroit a couple years ago. There were so many great restaurants on that list…I wanted to go to a different one each day! I also fully intended to visit Ethiopian restaurant The Blue Nile during Ann Arbor Restaurant Week, but never made the 45-minute drive. In case you’re wondering, AA offers this week twice per year, and the first one of 2011 is coming up next week!

I fully plan to take advantage of Oakland Restaurant Week at the end of January. What a great concept- $5 lunches! This works well for the non-profit employee, hospital staff, and students alike who frequent Oakland‘s dining establishments. I’ve already visited Red Oak and there will definitely be a return trip sometime between Jan.24-28 (or maybe more than one…)

When Googling “restaurant week,” I found no fewer than 20 cities participting. I’m sure there are many more out there…very cool! Here’s a sampling.

I’ve heard of people planning road trips around great Groupon deals…how cool would it be to plan a U.S./North American roadtrip around various communities’ restaurant weeks?!


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