Virally Happy

I’ve been cruising through the internet a lot lately because, let’s be real, there’s so much cool crap out there.
Now, I give you some of my favorite stuff over the past few days:

1. The Homeless Man with the Radio Voice (YouTube)
When I first watched this video, it had about 300 views. A day later, it’s over 4,000,000!

2. Vegetarian in Pgh (Blog post)
A blog post all about veggie-friendly restaurants in Pittsburgh = Happy Julie.

3. Google Chrome (Internet Browser)
Hubs insisted I switch from Firefox to Chrome to enhance my internet browsing, and so far, two thumbs up! I especially like knowing that websites I visite are secure.

4. Indoor Bicycle Trainer (Amazon)
I’m thinking about buying this for indoor cardio exercise…much cheaper (and smaller) than a machine! Thoughts?

5. Pop City Media (online Pittsburgh news)
I’m loving their Top Pop City Feature Stories of 2010 and article What Detroit Has That Pittsburgh Wants (!)

6. A Groupon Proposal (Groupon)
How adorable!

Just some tidbits for today. I know, it’s random…


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lindsay
    Jan 06, 2011 @ 17:15:57

    Welcome to Pittsburgh! Another blog you might want to check out is


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