Date Day

Normally, Fridays lead to date nights in which many slices of pizza are consumed and pints of ice cream are picked at. Last Friday, however, was a special occasion without pizza or ice cream. It was DATE DAY! Yes, it’s true. Hubs and I got to spend the whole day together to celebrate my birthday and completion of his first semester of medical school. Whew! We needed this day.

It started with the best ever breakfast in bed- Challah french toast! Then we watched some of our TV show du jour. Right now, we’re watching the short-lived series “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” starring Matthew Perry and Amanda Peet, among other celebs. I’m disappointed this show didn’t last longer than one season. We like it…

After we crawled outta bed, we headed downtown for lunch at The Franktuary. I had a Groupon and I wanted Hubs to see downtown Pgh. We enjoyed some very tasty dogs (me= veggie, Hubs= “locavore”) piled high with goodies. I chomped on a southern style dog with vegan chili and cole slaw, and Hubs devoured the “Detroit” with chili, onions, and mustard. Classic.

Dog Art

Dog Art

veg dog, chili, slaw!


Next stop was the Manor Theater in Squirrel Hill to see The Social Network. We liked it but thought it made Mark Zuckerberg look overly villanous and a**hole-ish. I snuck in some Razzy Fresh fro-yo, too!

Yes, thats Puppy Chow in the mix!

And then we continued on to Starbucks for some jolting coffee, a little Macy’s shopping at the Waterfront, and then to dinner at Soba. This restaurant, owned by Big Burrito (also of Mad Mex fame), seriously knows how to do Pan-Asian. Their food was out-of-this-world delicious and very unique. Hubs enjoyed seared rare tuna with korean bbq sauce, kim chi (who thought he’d eat that?!), a cucumber-red onion salad, and ginger friend rice. He loved the crunchy peanuts on top of everything! I devoured a plate full of honshimeji with race cake noodles (texture of gnocchi), butternut squash, apple, roasted garlic, spinach, fermented black beans (taste like olives!), basil and pine nuts. The flavors just worked so well together and had a very deep and rich flavor, especially for the unexpected combinations Hubs agreed.

I also sipped on Bangkok Tea (green tea infused Absolut, fresh sours & honey-ginger syrup). Definitely a special birthday treat 🙂  And for dessert, we had fun with chocolate maki (sushi rolls)! Mmmmm chocolate mouse wrapped in “seaweed” crepes, dipped in more chocolate “soy sauce.”

It was such a lovely dinner, and we topped it off with a little gathering/b-day party at my new friend’s apartment. In case you didn’t know, I made a special new friend soon after moving to Pgh. Her name is Sara and we are basically twins. Our birthdays are exactly 3 days apart (same year), we shared the same middle name (Renee), have the same shoe size (9 1/2 – yes I’m short and have BIG feet), and both moved to Pittsburgh around mid-July. We also have very similar jobs and often work on projects together. She is my twin kinda! So she was having a little birthday celebration, and it was a great way to end the perfect day.
Well, it was almost the perfect day, minus those two parking tickets…Did I forget to mention that?! Yeah, I got a $55.50 parking ticket downtown while eating cheap hot dogs, and THEN I got a $94.50 parking ticket while at the birthday bash. What an expensive day! That’s my Christmas present to the city of Pittburgh…never again, parking patrol.

This date was comprised of 3 glorious meals, 4 Pittsburgh neighborhoods, 1 movie, 1 fun party with new friends, and 2 parking tickets. Very interesting…

Here’s to many more date days & nights!


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