What I Like Wednesdays: Part II

I’m so excited today because I have a great, maybe obvious, “what I like Wednesday” thing to share. I like Trader Joe’s. I know I’ve mentioned it many times on the blog before, but have I ever really explained why this grocery store is so great? Now is the time…

1. Their advertising is simple, yet effective.

2. Their packaging and food labels are simple, yet creative (i.e. Trader Giotto’s for Italian food)

3. Three Buck Chuck. (Only where wine is sold, though. Stupid PA laws…)

4. I love a grocery store that comes out with their own Favorite Products list for the year. (On the list: I love the hummus, Charles Shaw wines, greek yogurt, chocolate covered almonds and tomato & red pepper soup. I’m sure I’d love everything else on there, too!)

5. Most importantly, the food they sell is unique to Trader Joe’s and DELICIOUS!

When Hubs and I knew we were moving to Pittsburgh, I made a list of important places I frequent to make sure the steel city had them. TJ’s was near the top of that list. I was a little worried because there are quite a few in the Detroit suburbs, and none in Erie, PA where we were also potentially moving, but I’m happy to report that a TJ’s exists in Pgh! If only they could add a wine and beer section…


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