Catch Up

It’s been awhile since I talked about life, probably because it has been crazy this month! Lots of stuff was going on at work and Hubs was busy with studying and tests for awhile. Now we are taking a big BREATH and recovering. Let’s catch up…

First, there were eight nights of Chanukah and more latkes than I’ve ever before consumed:

Then there was a funny Chinese lunch fortune cookie:

And somewhere in the middle, I devoured this delicious sandwich from The Lamplighter:

Mmmm portabella, roasted peppers, and cheeeese

…and shared a starter plate of scrumptious veg sides from Sababa (with warm pita!):

Now we are winding down from busy school and work activities, and preparing to visit the D. Yay, we’re going home for a few days! I have to say it’s weird to pack to go home…or at least I think it will be since I haven’t started yet…

And I am happy to share that I just booked a trip for Hubs and me to go to Phoenix and Sedona next summer! Woo hoooooo for traveling. Now I just need to plan all the stuff in the middle. Planning is my middle name 🙂


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