I haven’t been able to bloggity blog in a while because it’s been such a crazy week! I had 4 work functions in 5 days, so I had to get through all that, and successfully I might add. Two other big things happened this week as well- Hubs and I had our 6 month wedding anniversary! It was more of a “Happy 6 months, babe” thing than a celebration, but a nice milestone nonetheless. Also on November 30, my beautiful, strong and amazing grandmother Irina celebrated her 88th birthday. More on her in another blog post…

In not so good news, I also managed to ruin my camera this week. I accidentally emptied an entire water bottle into my purse and drenched my picture-taker. BIG sad face 😦
All paper-related purse items didn’t bode so well either (checkbook, note pad, coupon book). But the worst was definitely the camera, which didn’t survive my efforts to revive it in a box full of rice.

My old Panasonic Lumix camera. RIP.

I purchased this camera about 4 1/2 years ago, so I think I’m due for a new one anyway. Now I just have to do the necessary research to get something that suits my needs and wants. With a birthday coming up, it’s the perfect present idea! (Thanks mommy!).

Do you have any suggestions about what I should buy? I’m a no nonsense, point and shoot kind of gal, but I still want good quality….


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