As you can tell from my blog posts and topics as of recent, I really enjoy reading books. This hasn’t always been the case, and I can remember fudging my way through many an English class because I didn’t want to read the boring book or whatever the reason. I wish I had realized earlier how awesome books really are! This epiphany didn’t come to me until I was nearing the end of my 5 months spent in Budapest, Hungary. I didn’t watch much TV and every weekend was spent traveling by bus, train or plane, so a book was always nearby. I would sit in various town squares watching the people and time go by with a good read at my side. I would wait at train stations surrounded by unfamiliar language and get lost in a book in my own language. I would get excited any time I found an English book store, especially of the used variety. I remember specifically going into one used book store near my school and trading book after book as soon as I was done reading. It was a gift that kept on giving!

Now I am happily in three-ish book clubs and still manage to read a random book here and there. I also enjoy reading magazines, but that’s a different realm. I read those more for articles about health and wellness, world affairs, and beauty tips that I’ll probably never use! Right now I’m reading Self (my fave), Whole Living, Marie Claire, and Shape. I love reading mags while working out because they distract me from the task at hand but I also don’t need to focus in as much as I would if I was reading a novel with evolving characters and twisted story lines.

And then there’s all the other mediums of reading- newspapers, online news/websites, the blog world, and so much more. We are a society bombarded with information channels, and I prefer to get mine from books and magazines.

Do you like to read? How do you feel about all the sources of information out there?


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