Review: The Hunger Games

I know I just wrote a book review a couple weeks ago, but I already finished another one, and it was soooo good!

I first heard about The Hunger Games through my favorite podcast- NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour. One of the contributors to this podcast challenged himself to read an accessible, interesting, good-for-a-new-reader-novel and asked the audience for help. When the resounding recommendation was this book, I decided to join in on the fun and read it myself. Little did I know, The Hunger Games series (3 books) is becoming quite popular!

Here’s why (at least my take on it…): This book has one overarching theme- survival. Yes, this is classified as a young adult book because the main character is a 16 year-old girl, but it goes so much deeper than the “typical teenage issues.” Yes, this fits in a fantasy genre with the likes of other series like Twilight and Harry Potter, but it reaches a broader audience with its messages of hope and survival against all odds.
At first, the reader is reminded about living simply by hunting and gathering food to survive and thrive and taking care of what’s important in life- family and friends. Then we are thrust into the unimaginable world of the Hunger Games where teenagers must literally fight for their own survival and only one person can win. It’s a true testament to the power of perserverance and dedication.
This book is exciting and nerve-racking and heart breaking and fantastic all at the same time. I URGE you to read this book! Trust me, it’ll only take a couple days because you’ll be so engrossed in the story and characters’ lives. And then you’ll want to run out and buy the next book in the series, like I’m going to very soon.

P.S. There’s movie buzz!! The Hunger Games movie may be coming out around 2013. Save the date 🙂


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