Lovin’ on Detroit

I’ve been spreading the Pittsburgh love in my past few posts, but I don’t want to forget where I came from. While Detroit may be suffering economically with the auto industry and real estate markets especially, there are plenty of efforts counteracting that negative vibe. Here’s a good story from CNN called “Creative Detroiters quietly rebuild, challenge city’s bad rap”. It highlights a video made by VBS TV.

Watch the video – Detroit Lives.

The 30-minute video depicts some of Detroit’s struggles but also triumphs and efforts to rebuild. The video description states
“The Motor City has been declared dead more times than Rasputin. But over the last few years, while The News Media (and Dutch tourists) were hemming and hawing over a few neglected streets that had started to look more like meadows, a bunch of creative badasses were quietly buying abandoned 9-story buildings, filling them with everyone they knew, and making Detroit actually pretty f***ing incredible. Our old buddy Johnny Knoxville paid a visit to the D to explore for himself.”

Speaking of Detroit on film, have you been watching Detroit 187? I’m actually really enjoying this cop drama. Of course I love the city shots and recognizing many of the downtown landmarks, but the story and interesting characters are written well, too. There have been times where I actually laughed out loud at things the characters say and do and how they react. To set itself apart from the MANY cop dramas out there, this show features more of a documentary style of filming with intentionally shaky camera bits, and type across the screen during each part of the homicide investigation process (ex. “evidence collecting,” “suspect interrogation,” etc.)

While there have been conflicting views on whether this show is good for the city of Detroit because of its violent nature and because ‘187’ is cop lingo for homicide, I appreciate that there is something on television set in my hometown that interests me and that helps the economy there. I especially think it’s funny that a television series comes to Detroit as soon as I move away!


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