Color Me Mine

There should be a place like Color Me Mine in every metropolitan area. This particular chain covers 23 states and D.C.. I occasionally visited a place like this growing up called Plaster Playhouse. I can’t really call them stores, they are more like entire experiences! It goes something like this:

1. Pick a plaster piece of art that you would like to decorate:

Beware: this step may take a long time if you are as indecisive (and cheap) as I am.

2. Decorate your piece of chosen art with friends:


3. Marvel at your handiwork:















4. Pick up your professionally glazed masterpiece one week later. I’m anxiously awaiting this part!

So as you can see, I went for the practical, I-will-actually-use-it-and-not-break-it light switch cover. It was economical and something I could add to my home that I don’t consider junk, i.e. a vase or book shelf ornament. As lovely as those things are, I already have enough crap!

This was also a good choice for me because it was within my budget. Plaster decorating places like Color Me Mine can become quite expensive, by any standards, not just by Ms. Frugal over here. First, you pay for the plaster piece (mine = $14), then there’s a studio fee (usually $9), plus tax and some kind of gratuity (around $3). It adds up! My suggestion is to do this as a group activity, such as a birthday party or a “Color Me Mine & Wine” event like the one I participated in.

I enjoyed doing this with a group of 20-somethings because I got to meet new people and try a new activity! And even though I was surrounded by many others, I was still totally IN THE ZONE. I’m not a crafty, artsy person, but when I push myself to do something like this, I always end up enjoying it to the max and get lost in the whole thing. At one point my friend said something to me and I accidentally ignored her and didn’t respond for about a minute. IN THE ZONE.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. jananay from the D
    Oct 18, 2010 @ 21:13:25

    damn, thats an expensive switch plate.


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