Top 10

It’s been about 3 months since I moved away from metro Detroit and into greater Pittsburgh. While I have fallen in deep ‘like’ with this city (still working on the ‘love’), there are many things I miss about home. Even if people talk smack and it has a bad reputation, Michigan is still my home. Here are the top 10 things I miss:

10. The ridiculous amount of lakes (even though I didn’t take full advantage, I still appreciate the plethora available.)
9. The recycling center in Troy. It was my one-stop shop for all things plastic, glass, aluminum, paper, etc…now I have to run around town to various places (like Target…?!) just to recycle.
8. All of my doctors. While they weren’t necessarily the best, we built a rapport and they know my history. It’s hard to find good new doctors.
7. Regional food – Michigan corn and cherries, Dakota/One Stop challah, and sooo much more!
6. Going up north
5. Liquor Laws – I miss 3 buck Chuck from Trader Joe’s!
4. Coney Restaurants
3. Meijer
2. The road system… specifically flat, wide highways and the easy to maneuver grid system in Oakland County. OH, and the lack of traffic at obscure hours…I miss that 😦
1. Family & Friends (obviously!)

So there it is…hopefully soon I’ll compile a list of the top 10 things I love about Pittsburgh. 🙂


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