Old Pittsburgh

Today is a perfect ten (10/10/10)! Haha, pun intended.
Well, I’ve had quite the week! It’s been a balancing act between work, family, and some play time. Isn’t that how life always ends up? This week was work heavy with nighttime commitments and a big event that went very well on Saturday night. Whew, I can check that off the list! Isn’t it crazy how so much time and effort can go into a single event?! The night flew by, and it got a little crazy at times, but everything came together in the end.
That’s how I felt about the wedding…I planned that thing (with much help) for almost 16 months, and then, it was over. It was amazing, of course, but I wanted to savor the moment as long as possible! I guess that’s what the marriage is for 🙂

Speaking of my marriage, it’s Hubs’s birthday tomorrow! Woo hoo for him…except that he’ll be studying all day and I’m working late 😦
So we decided to celebrate a little today with his grandparents who were in town for the weekend.

Amazing chocolate-ness. I got one bite. Hubs LOVES chocolate!


We were treated to breakfast at the famous William Penn Hotel which, my previous Ducky Tour excursions informed me, is the oldest hotel in Pgh and where Bob Hope proposed to Dolores…The hotel has this very old world, antique-y feel with grand ballrooms and extravagant light fixtures. Normally that’s not really my style, but it’s detailed beauty fits with its rich history, dating back to 1916. There are many buildings in Detroit that can compare with the Penn Hotel’s feel and plethora of stories hidden in its walls, but not many of them have been kept up as stunningly.

I also had the privilege of visiting another historic Pgh landmark this week. Not quite as storied as the hotel, the Carlton Restaurant has served Pittsburghers for over 57 years, and is currently located in the bustling and modern BNY Mellon Center downtown.

This upscale restaurant is known for its wine and meat selection, so trying to find a proper lunch item posed a bit of a challenge! There was only one vegetarian option on the menu- a portabello and roasted veggies salad topped with a sundried tomato dressing- so that’s what I went with. It was absolutely delicious, and almost as if I was eating pasta, with greens substituting for spaghetti noodles. The dressing was more of a thick marinara sauce and the veggies were cooked perfectly. Oh, and the accompanying crusty Asiago cheese bread with red pepper butter was ridiculous. Yum! I wasn’t as much into the decor or atmosphere of this place, though. It was kind of stuffy and stiff for my taste, but I guess I’m not part of their typical crowd. I did however enjoy some of the wall decorations…Hubs’s family has been coming to this restaurant for probably as long as they’ve been open, and even have their caricatures featured near the entrance!

To round out my tour of “Old Pittsburgh” this week, Hubs and I also stopped by the Duquesne Club downtown. Antique-y, subdued, and filled with history are some descriptions that come to mind. It’s a hotel, a banquet facility, bust mostly it’s a (former men’s) athletic and business club. I am immediately reminded of the DAC (Detroit Athletic Club), although I’ve never been through their doors. This place literally shuts down on Sundays and we had to get buzzed in and out! What I thought was most amusing is that the gentlemen’s restroom was huge (I was told) while the ladies’ held two stalls. I guess that’s what happens at a men’s club…

I can’t wait to learn more about Old Pittsburgh. I hope your week was just as historical!


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