Orlando Restaurants

My Orlando vacation was so action packed that I wanted to have a separate food post. Yes, I like food. I just wanted to share my experience with some fantastic restaurants so you can visit if you’re ever in the area.

Friday night was spent at the Mexican restaurant Agave Azul. We waited about 45 minutes for a table on this weekend night, but we were happily kept busy with delicious flavored margaritas and unlimited chips, salsa, and ranchy-type dip. My goat cheese stuffed peppers meal had a nice balance of creamy, spicy, and scrumptious!

The balsamic drizzle was pretty!

Saturday night was even better and a totally different experience at Taverna Opa, an authentic Greek restaurant. Again we waited, but it was TOTALLY worth it. Once seated inside, we were pleasantly surprised by belly dancers, table top dancing, and white cocktail napkins flying everywhere in celebration! And the food was AMAZING! One of the best meals of my life, for sure. The ambiance and service certainly added to the meal…go to this restaurant. Immediately!

Freshly ground hummus

Table dancing


Sunday night was tapas style! We dined at Cafe Tu Tu Tango, where unique art covers the walls and artists work live in the middle of the dinner rush. Between two of us, we shared three small dishes and then a dessert, of course. I loves tapas style dining because I get to try a little bit of everything, and it was allll good!

Pizza all gone...and on an art pallet!

Chocolate covered cheesecake lollipops. OMG.

Here’s my tip for dining well in a tourist trap: ask hotel staff! We found a young guy that we thought shared our “style” and obviously suggested some great local joints. There were so many chain restaurants in Orlando, but we didn’t get sucked in. We made our own happy food experiences!


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