I’m Back!

Sorry I’ve been a little absent these days. Traveling and an insane work schedule has kept me busy with a capital ‘B’!
Enough about me, let’s talk about Orlando!


Kennedy Space Center

Magic Kingdom

Last weekend I met up with my Detroit friend and together we visited one Disney park, met two astronauts, and ate at three amazing restaurants.

On Friday and Saturday, Sabrina (friend) and I explored the entire NASA compound, dined with former astronaut Susan Kilrain (and about 100 other people), watched a great IMAX film, and enjoyed an entire Astronaut Training Experience (ATX).


Shuttle maintenance facility

Shuttle engines

Launching pad with shuttle (set to launch in November)

Our ATX was filled with an intimate, in depth discussion with scientist Dr. Sam Durrance who flew aboard two space shuttle missions, a realistic flight take off simulation (with scripts and all), and a couple of “rides” to simulate real astronaut training. It was AWESOME!

The weekend only got better with a trip to Magic Kingdom where dreams really do come true! What I love about the attractions at Disney is that each is a unique experience that brings you back to the stories and characters they’ve created. We cruised on a boat through the jungle (Jungle Book), flew over London to Never-Land (Peter Pan), shot three-eyed monsters (Buzz Lightyear), and even  rode through a chilly cave filled with Pirates (..of the Caribbean).  And of course we rode the best indoor pitch black roller coaster- Space Mountain – twice!

It was a magical day 🙂

Magical wall of Disney stuffed animals


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